Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is my favorite picture so i had to throw it on here! I love these girls so much, i hope Willi get's to move in with Em and i in the fall!!

You don't even have to ask if i've been working out!!! as you can tell i totally have ha ha yup i'm strong! i'm going to check out a boxing gym called LA Boxing this week and maybe learn a few things there. It's on my bucket list to do boxing, cage fighting, or a martial art so i'm pretty excited 'bout it. Don't mess.

So this is just showing how great i look WHILE cooking :) imagine how great my food is.....I am totally becoming domesticated these days!!! cooking everynight, looking for new recipes online you know things moms do all the days

These are some family photos from way back my at my birthday dinner!!!! only a few months ago :)