Thursday, July 1, 2010

Okay so i just spent 25 minutes working on my blog and then it stopped working...i'll post another sorry!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Engagement photos

So most of these we look rather goofy.... but you might enjoy a few of these!

PS less than 4 weeks!

David and I hiking the Y. My new goal is to be able to run it....i'm still working on that but i'm gonna try this week again and see where i can get to! Speaking of running our besties Em and Chuck ran a half marathon a few weeks ago! it was bitter cold and snowing/raining but they did a great job and i'm totallly impressed. The last one is David and i on a Sunday walk up the Rock Canyon. Really cool!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Exciting news!

Well aside from the fact that i'm getting married in 5 weeks exactly! i'm going through the temple in two weeks too! totally awesome! David's ring came in today...only took me forever to order it but it's really cool and i'm excited, yet again! I haven't blogged in a while and i'll update with some more recent pictures soon!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Things not to do after the dentist

So there i was... i had just had two fillings done at the dentist and sitting at my kitchen table. I want to try eat something before i had to go to campus. So i did eat something and it went pretty well...until i got a craving for hot chocolate! So i made some and tested it with my finger and thought it would be just fine. Well, i was wrong. Since my whole upper lip was numb i couldn't feel the scorching hotness until the hot chocolate was in my mouth. Then i did the this-is-too-hot-but-can't-spit-it-out thing and basically boiled my tongue! it hurt! This was last tuesday and it is still hurting!!! I'm a dork but i thought i'd warn you all :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prepare yourself

ha ha i know what you are all thinking!!!! i look crazy weird....well for me anyway! i don't know what happened to my baggy eye on that last picture.
My roommate Allyn is a costume design major and needed some models for her to do some make up i did. i've never worn so much make up and hair spray in my life! mostly i posted this for aimee and mom so they die with laughter. I'll hit an all time record this year! two girly days...this day and my wedding-all day in a flippin' dress and i've got to mentally prepare myself! don't worry i'll probably have some sweet nike's or vans (sorry monica, no heels) so i won't be entirely a stranger. Anyway, enjoy because i'm pretty sure you'll never see this again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Engagement Story

Okay i realize that i haven't posted about david proposing so here it goes!!!

So there we were.....ha ha jk. Okay so we had been planning to go snowmobiling up Heber with david's brother and sister-in-law who live up there so we did! It was david's first time and my 2nd riding a snowmobile. It was awesome and beautiful and so much snow and gorgeous scenery! When we were approaching a really high hill david's bro told us to head to the top while he grabbed his buddy behind us...i thought "that's weird his friend is right there" but didn't think much of it.

When we got to the top david turned off the machine and asked me to pull the camera out that was hooked to his belt, so i did. He got off and i tried turning the camera on because the view was amazing!!! you could see the back of timp a ways off and then just mountains forever it seemed. While trying to turn the camera on he said "what's that?" a few times and i didn't know what he was pointing to..."what's what?" looking around the machine. Finally, i saw the ring hanging from the wrist strap attached to the camera and i think i said "oh" and realized he was down on one knee. He asked me to marry him...although because our faces were so cold, and i assume he was slightly nervous the words were a little harder to get out. Of course i said "Yes!" and then i forgot to take my goggles off when he kissed me so i had to laugh.

We then just waited for his brother and others to join us and they took some pictures, which is why i was slow to post them (salem ha ha). Two funny things: 1st a large of snowmobilers joined us on top of the hill just right around the time he asked me. pretty funny! 2nd i had written in my journal a few days earlier that i hoped and thought he would propose that weekend while we were up there. But i was totally surprised! i decided not to plan on it and i kinda got excited that morning because we went snow shoeing and he had stuff in his pockets...false alarm. There you have it our wonderful awesome story! It was perfect.

I have so much to be grateful for and i hope and pray that i can somehow become like my mom and my grandma's in my own family; always patient, always kind, constantly serving, frugal and eventually one day a dern good cook!! How ended up with all i have i don't know...but i'm not complaining :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Somehow these pictures didn't upload! Just as well. I'm so proud of mom for graduating!!! she's so brilliant! a friend of mine was in one of her classes and mentioned how wise and smart she is and i had to agree. i love that i get to brag about this amazing woman! she does better in school than i do (not that impressive but i'm young i should be freaking intelligent) and she's ridiculously talented at cooking, sewing, gardening, and most importantly taking care of our crazy family :) i hope one day i can do half as much with my skills....hopefully david won't die from me trying to cook!

Mom reminded me of a story that she likes of when i was young and i think she was forcing me to get another perm (sp?) which was like the rack of torture for me. especially having 5 older brothers who would make fun of my smell for a few days after i got a perm!!! but while she and i were fighting about it i said, "i hate my momma! i hate my beautiful momma!!" well i don't hate her but she is beautiful and i'm so glad to have her so close by to make me dresses and let me steal her food. Love you 'beautiful momma'!

Mom's graduation present!

For mom's graduation she wanted to go cross country skiing with the family so we did! it was really fun with some adventures of course. entertaining how you may wonder? 1. going anywhere with dad is always entertaining, this time he forgot to turn off the lights 2. ej couldn't get his snow pants off and he was hopping and it was hilarious (i thought it was) 3. everyone kept falling while skiing, mostly mom and dad 4. matt talking about battery volts or somethin nerdy 5. going on the wrong trail and getting in trouble :)

Sad thing is i do miss aimee here, especially to tease and poke matt.

Can you believe how big trevor and ej are??

Also i included some pictures of my ya can't tell which one i like better!!! ha ha David gave me my real one on Friday and i love love love it, much more my style....a little too sparkly but i think i can make it work. i told mom i keep putting lotion on so it diminishes the totally works.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hey just wanted to put up that David proposed! i'll update with pictures when i get them back!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Canada and Christmas time

Canada was awesome! Surfing, freezing, tubing, freezing, did i mention freezing?? ha it was awesome. We also went to international aerial ski competition in park city which was insane! those people are crazy! Anyway it's been a party the last few months.

best fwends!!!!

"wow look at all these lights"....actually i really don't know what is going on in this one but it's funny

i love shoes