Monday, June 15, 2009

Last weekend Dev, Bri and i went up to Boise to visit Nate and Jo and the kids!....but my camera died after only a few pictures! but i got two so we are in good shape here. I can't believe how well Kade and Brook took Dev's teasing but they just loved it! Dev taught Kade how to give Bri wet willies (surprise surprise) so that kept him entertained. I made sure Kade remembered OH MY LANTA! and taught him "you have beautiful eyes" from Ice Age he does the lisp and everything! So funny! Jo and i were signed up to run in a trail race but because the weather it was cancelled, so we went to the mall instead which i believe the fact that we were willing to get up early and go burnt enough calories to count for a workout :) We had a wonderful time, again ate a ton, and really just had fun with the little guys!

Hold on to your britches!!! i made a post :) Mom and i went up to rexburg and visited Aimee Lou! it was so much fun! I really miss her down here, but she seems to be having so much fun up i can't be too sad! Her roommates were her same crazy so never a dull moment up there. She bought us tickets to go to a William Joseph Piano concert. It was really cool! He has a cool story and he's a member doing pretty well for even made me consider taking piano lessons again and the rest of the time we just hung out, watched old Cary Grant movies and of course ate!!