Saturday, August 29, 2009

I forgot to put up pictures from the family reunion this summer! there were a lot of crazy faces made and so many more i didn't put up! Kade makes such wonderful faces and every time he says "oh mylanta" or "Cole...can i have some gum?" it melts my heart, and Brooke i would never so no to anything she wants :) I love my family so much and can't imagine it will get much better but everytime a new little one comes it does.

Here are some pictures from the Chicago trip, i had a really hard time leaving :) but i had a wonderful time there. i love and worry about all nieces and nephews so much and i can't help it. i can't think of happier times than the times then carrying Ryder on my shoulder or falling asleep with Ellery!!! Ryder loved for me to play "Princess" with him...don't know that i've ever been called that before but it was fun as well as "Pirates" and i had the pirate name of "shomushnocum-something"

Here are some photos from when i went to Cali, LA area! we went to Six Flags (my first time), beach, Dodgers game, and temple grounds. I went with Hilary, Steph, and Mallory all from high school. We don't see each other much but we had a great time! Oh and Aimee was great and did corn rows!!!