Monday, July 20, 2009

Earlier this month i got to go to the Palmyra, NY and it was awesome!!! I met Em and her mom up there and we went to Hill Cumorah Pagaent which Chuck's family is part of set up every year-Chuck is Em's boy back from his mission to Fiji :) - then we got to go to the Sacred Grove a couple of times and Joseph Smith house and farm and then we went to Niagra Falls. We also went downtown Palmyra which is an interesting place with all the protestors, but we saw where the Book of Mormon was first published and learned a lot there! It was all so much fun! the Sacred Grove was my favorite and i can't wait for the family to go out there and experience that! Oh and i also took Em shooting with us, she's never touched them before (probably won't again) and she out shot us all on the first round....i was a close 2nd :) but i love that picture of mom shooting! she was so funny and would spend a whole minute aiming before she got the shot off.