Monday, March 29, 2010

Things not to do after the dentist

So there i was... i had just had two fillings done at the dentist and sitting at my kitchen table. I want to try eat something before i had to go to campus. So i did eat something and it went pretty well...until i got a craving for hot chocolate! So i made some and tested it with my finger and thought it would be just fine. Well, i was wrong. Since my whole upper lip was numb i couldn't feel the scorching hotness until the hot chocolate was in my mouth. Then i did the this-is-too-hot-but-can't-spit-it-out thing and basically boiled my tongue! it hurt! This was last tuesday and it is still hurting!!! I'm a dork but i thought i'd warn you all :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prepare yourself

ha ha i know what you are all thinking!!!! i look crazy weird....well for me anyway! i don't know what happened to my baggy eye on that last picture.
My roommate Allyn is a costume design major and needed some models for her to do some make up i did. i've never worn so much make up and hair spray in my life! mostly i posted this for aimee and mom so they die with laughter. I'll hit an all time record this year! two girly days...this day and my wedding-all day in a flippin' dress and i've got to mentally prepare myself! don't worry i'll probably have some sweet nike's or vans (sorry monica, no heels) so i won't be entirely a stranger. Anyway, enjoy because i'm pretty sure you'll never see this again.